The most powerful "cotton" in the port of Beirut has been compared to Hiroshima. Video

The "cotton" in Beirut has been compared to the bombing in Hiroshima.

The most powerful explosion that thundered in the Lebanese capital, which a number of media outlets have already dubbed "powerful cotton", turned out to be so destructive that the Lebanese felt it on themselves at a distance of several tens of kilometers. After the first video footage from the scene appeared on the network, the so-called "servant" was compared with the consequences of Hiroshima.

On the presented video frames, you can see that after an initial small explosion and a fire that began, a detonation of 2700 tons of ammonium, and according to some reports, of military explosives occurred, as a result of which a huge wave was destructive at a distance of 2 kilometers, and because of the formed "mushroom" it was even compared to a miniature nuclear explosion.

At the moment, not happy news comes from Beirut - as a result of the incident, at least six thousand people have suffered, however, what exactly caused the incident is unknown. According to experts, the cause of the detonation could be an external factor, in particular, the IDF is suspected, since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned the port of Beirut just a few days ago, calling this part of Lebanon a threat.

Remarkable is the fact that they refused to comment on the information about the Israeli strike in Tel Aviv.

Israel is killing terrorists. And it helps honest people.

Mmm ... Not capable .. And who covered the passenger planes? To be in you under siege with trenches on all sides ... The Lord Jesus Christ was revealed to you first, but the last you will receive him ... There are seven troubles left until 2028, that's the time for you.

Israel first kills, then offers help to the survivors. It has always been and will be so.

Israel is not capable of such meanness. Although the peaceful Lebanese do not like Israel, they are not enemies. The only enemy is Hezbalah. So there is no need to lie that Israel is behind this. On the contrary, Israel offered help. And Israeli hospitals will receive the wounded from Beirut tonight.