Ryanair Airline


A bomb was searched for on board a Ryanair passenger airliner

In Warsaw airport because of a bomb threat made an emergency landing passenger airliner.

According to the official statements of the Polish police, a man was on the bomb on board, who was currently found and detained until all the details and circumstances were clarified. Information resource Avia.pro became aware that an unpleasant incident occurred with the plane of the European low-cost airline “RyanAir"En route from Oslo to Warsaw.

Immediately after the arrival of the aircraft at the airport, all the people, and we are talking about 160 passengers without taking into account the crew members, were evacuated, and experts in explosives boarded, who carefully searched the aircraft, but no traces of explosives were found in the aircraft.

According to some reports, the man who reported the bomb on the plane, is a Polish citizen, but this information is not officially confirmed.


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