An object similar to an explosive device was found at the Kursk railway station

An item resembling ammunition was accidentally discovered by passengers on one of the benches.

The place of detection of an explosive object was cordoned off almost immediately, however, the Kursk railway station was not evacuated. However, by the current hour, the owner of the item has also been identified - at the moment, police officers are interrogating him.

The sappers who arrived at the scene found that this was not a real ammunition, but only a dummy, in connection with which it was decided to refuse to evacuate citizens. Some time later, on CCTV cameras, a young man was also found who left a grenade on a bench.

“The owner of the“ grenade ”was 22-year-old resident of Moscow Anton Gutsalyuk. The police are now questioning him. According to the guy, this is not a grenade, but an ordinary toy, and he bought it at one of the markets. Today Anton arrived at the Kursk railway station and for some reason took the “grenade” with him. Already at the station, in order not to walk with things, he put them on a bench, and he went about his business. But he did not take into account that the same “grenade” lay on top. Vigilant passengers immediately called the police.”, - the journalists of "Base" report.

What exactly forced the young man to leave the dummy ammunition in a crowded place remains unknown, however, the owner of the dummy may well be punished.


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