Military equipment is massively transferred to Zmeiny Island

Strange activity has been recorded on Snake Island.

A commercial spacecraft has detected strange activity on Snake Island. Judging by the satellite images taken, military equipment is being massively transferred to the territory of the island - as of May 28, 2022, the presence of at least 14 military vehicles of an unidentified type was recorded on the territory of the island.

The presented satellite image shows the current situation on the island. Judging by the location of vehicles on the island, we are talking about the deployment of air defense equipment, radar stations and, most likely, electronic warfare equipment. There are suggestions that anti-ship systems may also be deployed on the island, however, experts express doubts about the appropriateness of this.

In addition, in the northern part of the island there is a floating platform with a crane, the real purpose of which is not yet known, however, a few days ago it was seen rising from the water of a military boat or a small landing craft flooded as a result of strikes.

As can be seen on the satellite image, most of the military infrastructure of Zmeiny Island has been destroyed, which raises some questions about the appropriateness of using the island as an area for gaining tactical advantage.