Russian military helicopters massively transferred to the airbase in Kamyshly

The strange activity of combat helicopters over Syria is associated with their transfer to the air base in Qamishli.

Against the backdrop of the impending Turkish military operation in the northern part of Syria, as announced in Ankara, Russia deployed at least 6 military helicopters to the northern part of the Arab Republic. As it turned out, the latter are located at an air base in the Syrian city of Qamishli, located on the border with Turkey and at the Metras airfield.

The purpose of the transfer of military helicopters to the air base in Qamishli is still unknown, however, according to a number of analysts, this may be due to ensuring the security of this region, since official Damascus is categorically against the Turkish military operation.

This information has been confirmed by Syrian sources, satellite images and Russian journalists. In addition, the satellite imagery also revealed combat aircraft, which, apparently, were also sent to the air base in Qamishli a few days ago. According to the Russian Spring publication, the transfer of helicopters to the territory of the military air base in Kamyshly is due to the strengthening of the Russian military presence in the region precisely because of the inadmissibility of the Turkish military operation.

“The Russian army is increasing the presence of aviation in the Kamyshly region, seeking to stabilize the situation in the region and prevent an escalation of the conflict in the Trans-Euphrates. The Russian Aerospace Forces today transferred another flight of SU-34 fighter-bombers and Ka-52 attack helicopters to the airfield in Kamyshly in Khasek. The army aviation squadron was deployed to the Metras airfield to provide fire support to the Syrian army., - informs the Russian edition.

According to Turkish information resources, the ground phase of the Turkish military operation in Syria will begin next week.