Polish combat helicopters Mi-24 spotted in Ukraine

Mi-24 helicopters in Polish colors spotted in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military has published video footage showing strikes by Mi-24 combat helicopters. Prior to this, it was assumed that the Ukrainian Air Force no longer had attack rotorcraft of this type, however, on one of the helicopters you can clearly see the color matching the color of the Polish Air Force helicopters.

The video footage, apparently filmed by Ukrainian military personnel, shows a pair of Mi-24 helicopters carrying out unguided missile strikes against unknown targets. The helicopters operate from a low altitude, however, much more remarkable is the fact that the colors of the combat helicopters are much more remarkable - judging by the second combat vehicle, the colors almost completely repeat the colors of the Polish Air Force helicopters.

To date, only the United States of America has transferred helicopters for the Ukrainian Air Force. At the same time, we are talking about Mi-17 machines. If the Mi-24 helicopters captured on the video footage were indeed transferred by Poland, then this is an extremely big surprise and could cause extremely serious trouble for this country, since we are talking about the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine. In addition, there is a fairly high probability that the helicopters still belong to Poland, and they are flown by Polish pilots.