A convoy with British M270 MLRS systems arrived in Ukraine

Three more MLRS M270 MLRS arrived in Ukraine.

A convoy of military equipment, including three M270 MLRS launchers transported by trawls, crossed the border between Poland and Ukraine the night before, after the weapons were transferred to the Polish city of Rzeszow days earlier, as reported by local residents who saw how allegedly, the unloading of these weapons. Information about the arrival of three M270 MLRS installations in Ukraine was confirmed by the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov.

“The UK promised, the UK delivered! More MLRS M270 arrived in Ukraine. Thank you Ben Wallace and all the Brits! Your support is amazing and so important to Ukraine. Our Ukrainian military skillfully use this "replenishment" on the battlefield. PS More "gifts" coming soon"- said the head of the defense department of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov on the microblogging network.

Thus, today Ukraine has 9 M270 MLRS launchers (including the MARS II version - ed.), which is equivalent to 18 Himars M142 launchers. This amount of weapons located in Ukraine has reached its maximum since the delivery of these weapons to the Ukrainian military, even taking into account the information about the destruction of 6 Himars MLRS.