Two Eurofighter Typhoon fighters spotted over the Black Sea

RAF fighters spotted southwest of Crimea.

A few hours ago, the activity of two British Eurofighter Typhoon fighters was recorded southwest of the Crimean peninsula. The latter did not critically approach the Russian borders, however, they were at a distance of reach of air-to-surface missiles.

At the moment, it is known that fighters could escort a British military reconnaissance aircraft, which also flew over the waters of the Black Sea, however, there is no evidence of this, although earlier, after an emergency over the Black Sea with a guided missile launch, British fighters were supposed to start escorting British reconnaissance aircraft.

Previously, the aviation of the NATO countries did not dare to approach the Crimea because of fears that this could lead to a conflict with Russia, however, later the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance began to ignore this, creating quite serious provocations, and, quite likely, purposefully in order to thereby discredit Russia, because the flights took place in international airspace, but created a threat.


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