Ukrainian drone attack on Crimea coordinated by US RQ-4 Global Hawk drones

During the attack of Ukrainian drones on Crimea, an American strategic drone was located off the coast of the peninsula.

The drone plays an important role in the attacks of the Ukrainian military on the infrastructure of the Crimean peninsula, as evidenced by the constant presence of an unmanned aerial vehicle during each drone attack. Moreover, we are talking not only about aircraft, but also about marine drones.

On board the RQ-4 Global Hawk drone, there are systems capable of communicating with drones. At the same time, the American strategic drone may well play the role of a simultaneous command post, as well as a reconnaissance aircraft, simultaneously controlling kamikaze drones and receiving information about the operation of air defense systems in order to plan attacks.

To date, numerous attacks by kamikaze drones have not actually brought any significant effects to Ukraine, however, drones still pose a rather serious danger, moreover, to civilians.

Flights of foreign military aviation off the coast of Crimea are recorded almost daily. Moreover, the situation quite strongly resembles the situation with the attacks of kamikaze drones on the Khmeimim airbase, when the appearance of foreign aircraft and drones could actually predict attacks, which could probably have a connection.


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