NATO deploys F-35 fighters to the border of Russia and Belarus

The Netherlands will send 8 F-35 fighters to the border of Russia and Belarus.

At the moment, it is known that the fifth generation fighters are sent to the territory of Poland. At the same time, two fighters will be constantly in a state of full combat readiness, while other aircraft will be used to conduct patrols along the border of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

It is known that the sending of F-35 fighters to Poland is carried out in connection with the growing tension between Russia and the West. In particular, we are talking about the deployment of large forces on the territory of Belarus near the border with Poland.

To date, a large grouping of NATO fighters has been deployed on the territory of Poland - taking into account data from open sources, currently about 20 F-35 fighters can be located on the territory of Poland - in addition to the arrival of the Dutch aviation, there may be 12 F-35 fighters of the US Air Force.

Experts note that in recent years, tensions between Russia and the West have increased significantly, which may threaten a full-scale armed conflict.


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