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Named the main Russian weapons of the XXI century

Putin called the main Russian weapons of the XXI century

RIA Novosti reports that during a meeting on military issues, President Vladimir Putin spoke about the importance of laser weapons. It will become the determining force of the combat potential of the Russian army in the twenty-first century. At the same time, the head of state noted that “timely implementation of projects for the development of laser weapons is extremely important.”

The president suggested that it is necessary to consider the possibility of testing the Peresvet laser complex and the Dagger hypersonic aviation complex in practice.

During this week, Putin held several meetings on military topics. He also made visits to enterprises producing defense products. So, the president visited the Gorbunov Kazan Aviation Plant. There they were examined modernized aircraft Tu-95, Tu-160 and Tu-22, as well as the Mi-38T helicopter. The president paid special attention to the Tu-214 aircraft.

Another important Putin trip is to visit Akhtubinsk in the Astrakhan region. He was accompanied by six fifth-generation Su-57 fighters at this military airfield.

After inspecting aircraft in Akhtubinsk, Putin announced that instead of 16 Su-57 fighters, they plan to purchase 76 of such vehicles without increasing their cost. Later in the Kremlin it was explained that if such purchases are financially secured, then internal redistribution of funds within the framework of the approved budget of the Ministry of Defense is “possible and permissible.”

It should be recalled that in March 2018 Putin presented “Peresvet” and “Dagger”, as well as the submarine drone “Poseidon” and a cruise missile with a nuclear engine “Burevestnik”.

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