SSJ-100 crash


“There were neither cars, nor foam”: the fault of rescuers became known when putting out SSJ-100 in Sheremetyevo

Revealed mistakes rescuers when extinguishing SSJ-100

On Monday, May 13, a competent, high-ranking law enforcement source told about some of the details of the crash at the Sheremetyevo airport. As it became known, the investigation appointed a special examination of the actions of the rescue units of this international airport during the crash of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft (SSJ-100).

According to the source, experts should find answers to 50 questions. Including to establish the degree of adequacy of the work of rescuers and determine whether their regulatory documents meet international requirements.

"Currently installed- said the source that the head of flights announced the “alarm” only after 80 seconds, after landing the crashing board of 89098 ". As follows from the regulations, “This should be done immediately after receiving an alarm signal from SSJ-100, and, in any case, before the aircraft starts to decline”.

The source noted that, as established by the investigation, the rescue vehicle, the first to arrive at the SSJ-100, enveloped in flames, left the depot. In fact, his place was the point at which emergency and rescue units should be assembled. It should be located on the traverse of the runway. Moreover, there is information that at the time of landing the aircraft in distress had not been at the gathering point at all.

As the source specified, since a distress signal was transmitted from 89098, despite the assumption that the landing would take place in normal mode, rescuers who received a distress signal had to withdraw the equipment. From the testimony of employees and data of objective control it is known that this has not been done in full.

In the first six minutes, only two of the six Elefant rescue vehicles were used to extinguish the burning liner. Moreover, there was water in their tanks, and there was no foam required to extinguish the spilled fuel.

It follows from this, the source stressed that “The data that were announced by some civil aviation workers that the actions of the emergency response teams complied with the established rules were exaggerated, to put it mildly, and have not been confirmed by the investigation materials to date”.

SSJ-100 crashed at Sheremetyevo Airport on the evening of the fifth of May. Due to the failure of automation, the aircraft made an emergency landing. At the same time there was a fire that engulfed the tail of the aircraft. On board the ship were 78 people, 41 of them died.

for all indicators in an emergency landing with full tanks in the first place the runway must be filled with foam to eliminate the fire! This is a real crime on the part of MES.

During the investigation of the tragedy, who was removed from office? Who was put under house arrest? How many
airborne withdrawn for revision (as is done with cars)? Have the reasons for kata been brought to the investigation?
stanzas western experts?