Unknown EW system stunned Russian airliner

The unknown EW system jammed the Russian aircraft taking off from Tel Aviv.

The information provided by Israel that the unknown electronic warfare system poses a threat to civilian and military aircraft has received new confirmations. A few hours ago, the passenger airliner of the Russian airline Ural Airlines, taking into account the information provided by the largest tracking services, made chaotic movements, drastically changed its direction of travel, as well as its location.

On the presented route plan, you can see that the plane almost instantly changed the flight path, moving from a course to a distance of the order of 10-14 kilometers, while accelerating, according to online resources, to supersonic speeds.

We are obviously talking about a malfunction of the GPS system, which could have been caused by targeted interference from the operation of electronic jamming systems, while the source has not yet been established. Initially, Israel accused the Russian EW Krasuha complexes of impaired GPS, however, the nearest complex is located at the Russian military Hmeimim air base, which is about 380 kilometers away, which clearly exceeds the capabilities of the electronic suppression system.

Moreover, a few hours ago, the Telegram-Gallifrey Technology Society published images showing a similar situation with the plane of Qatar Airways, but already in the airspace of Lebanon and Syria, which indicates a rather significant area of ​​anomaly.

Whether the interference on the flight is affected is unknown.