Source: receiving C-400, Turkey will immediately attack Syria

The supply of Russian C-400 to Turkey could be the reason for a new war in Syria.

Against the background of the information that Turkey intends to deploy its C-400 air defense systems in the very near future less than 40 kilometers from the Syrian border, analysts have concluded that Turkey is preparing for a large-scale attack on Syria - the air defense systems , will allow active use of combat aircraft, to hit the Syrian aircraft and missiles.

Such conclusions were made on the basis that suspicious military activity was presently observed on the Syrian-Turkish border. In particular, local opposition media reported nearly 80 thousand Turkish troops and a significant amount of armored vehicles.

“Placed near the borders of Syria, C-400 will control most of the airspace of the Arab Republic and military air bases, especially since Turkey could not send its troops into the northern part of Syria due to serious disagreements with Russia, fearing. That this may affect the purchase of the same C-400 "- said the source.

Remarkable is the fact that, in Turkey itself, the fact that the location of the C-400 at the Syrian borders is connected with the need “Defend against Syria’s airplanes and missiles” .