Russian Su-57 decided to put on the newest aircraft carrier

Russian fighters of the fifth generation decided to put on the newest aircraft carrier.

According to information provided by RIA Novosti, the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 can be used on the latest Russian aircraft carrier, the construction of which is expected to begin in a few years. Especially for these purposes, fighters will be adapted.

“Theoretically, it is possible to take a certain number of these aircraft (Su-57 - Ed.) On board, provided they are“ retained, ”that is, lightened, changed some elements of the structure. When working on the adaptation of the aircraft is possible »- said the head of the Krylov State Scientific Center.

Whether this will provide the newest Russian aircraft carrier with great prospects is still unknown, however, according to previously made experts, the newest aircraft carrier, whose construction cost is estimated at 200 billion rubles, is already inferior to Admiral Kuznetsov, a heavy aircraft carrier with greater speed , and the ability to place on the deck a greater number of aircraft and helicopters.

It is assumed that if the adaptation of the Su-57 fighters is resolved, then a new modification of this aircraft may appear within the next 5 years.