An unknown country has acquired one of the most reliable Russian radars, capable of fighting even the F-35

Russia sent one of the most reliable radars to an unknown country, capable of fighting even the F-35.

The Russian side has begun supplying Russian-made Kasta-2E2 radars, considered one of the most efficient radars in the world, to one of the countries in the Middle East or Africa. The fact that we are talking about the supply of Russian military equipment to these regions of the planet is indicated by the sandy color. At the moment, it remains unknown who exactly became the buyer of Russian weapons.

To date, countries such as Iran, Libya and the United Arab Emirates are showing interest in the Russian Kasta-2E2 radar, however, it is likely that we are talking about the supply of this radar to Syria. Moreover, the Russian Kasta-2E2 radar station can be placed right on the border of Syria, Israel and Jordan, which will allow the Russian and Syrian military to track the Israeli Air Force planes.

“The situation in the Syrian province of Daraa has already stabilized and the Russian military can freely deploy their radar here. This will allow you to control Israeli fighters and quickly respond to any threats. It is noteworthy that the IDF will not dare to do anything if the Russian military will control the work of the radar ", - emphasizes the specialist

At the moment, there are no official comments from the Russian military regarding the supply of weapons.