Missile launches


Unidentified terrorists fired at least 5 rockets at Kabul airport

The Kabul International Airport came under rocket fire.

Tonight, Kabul International Airport came under heavy rocket fire from unknown forces. According to the data provided, at least 5 rockets were fired at the airport. All of them were successfully intercepted by the American air defense system, which, as it turned out, was specially deployed by the American military to ensure the security of the airport.

At the moment, it is known that the rocket fire at Kabul International Airport was carried out using a multiple launch rocket system. At the same time, the attackers remain unknown, but judging by the latest situation in Afghanistan, members of the Islamic State terrorist group are behind the attack (banned on Russian territory - editor's note).

According to the Reuters news agency, five missiles were successfully intercepted. At the same time, it is still unknown what kind of American air defense system was used to repel a terrorist attack. The shelling indicates that attacks will continue in the near future, especially given the fact that terrorists of the "Islamic State" can easily take possession of weapons on the territory of the country.


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