Taliban terrorists


Several thousand Taliban seen near the border of Turkmenistan

The Taliban are pulling thousands of fighters to the border with Turkmenistan.

Since the beginning of this year, an extremely high activity of militants near the borders of Turkmenistan has been noticed. As it became known, detachments of the terrorist movement "Taliban" (banned on the territory of the Russian Federation - ed.), numbering more than a thousand people, were seen in the area of ​​\u40b\uXNUMXbthe settlement of Meymene, located just XNUMX kilometers from the border with Turkmenistan, which is enough great terrorist threat.

“Despite the Taliban's assurances that the conflict with Uzbek militants in the city of Meyman will be resolved, the situation has only worsened. In the morning, the Taliban deployed additional forces and armored vehicles to the village to quell the protests and disarm the rebels. The Uzbeks offered armed resistance to the Pashtun nationalists. It is reported that during the shootout six Taliban were eliminated, their opponents lost two supporters. Fighting and rallies in the city continue. There was also information about the detention by the Taliban of another field commander, an ethnic Tajik. He was supposed to act as a mediator to resolve the conflict with the Uzbek community and liberate Alyam. For what reason he was taken into custody is unknown.”- reports "Telegram" community "Directorate 4".

At the moment, there have been no direct threats against Turkmenistan, however, the deployment of significant terrorist forces in the border area indicates that tensions are growing rapidly, although representatives of the Taliban have previously stated that they have no intention to attack neighboring countries.

It should be noted that tension is also growing significantly on the borders of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, where significant terrorist forces are also stationed, however, it is obvious that the militants are aware that any provocation can lead to clashes with the Russian army, and in this case, the terrorists will have no chance of surviving .  

they have been cooperating with the Taliban since the 80s. So it goes.

Otherwise, they simply wouldn't leave.

What. Turkmens and bashis, it's time to shout GUARD with a twisted face! KILL! and ask to bring in the CSTO forces? And then drive away like Tokaev?
Should Tajikistan and Uzbekistan get ready?
Did the Yankees decide to play the game of ten frying pans after all? This is when a dozen pans burn at one cook at once and he does not keep up with all of them at once? What else do they have there, I have prepared the United States in the bosom to put Russia in the most unfavorable position and try to force it to reverse?

The weapons did not belong to Ghani's army. They didn't even know how to use it. The capitalists calculated the costs of export and decided that it would be cheaper to leave it to their friends, the Mujahideen, with whom they have been cooperating since the 80s.

The Americans did not leave any weapons to the Taliban. This is a fiction of Russian propaganda. This weapon belonged to the Afghan army, which simply disgracefully fled. But the Taliban really pose a real threat to the entire region, but they are our friends now.

The Americans know why the Taliban should leave weapons.



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