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New strain of coronavirus COVID-19 "Omicron" may paralyze 90% of air traffic in the world

A new strain of coronavirus COVID-19 could paralyze air traffic around the world.

The new strain of the coronavirus COVID-19, dubbed Omicron by the WHO, turned out to be many times more infectious. The detection of a new strain of coronavirus COVID-19 has already affected passenger air travel, since the virus was first detected in Africa, several countries of the world at once suspended air traffic with African states, on whose territory patients with the new strain were identified. Nevertheless, experts believe that in reality, the new Omicron coronavirus strain will undermine all international air traffic - 90% of flights will simply cease to exist.

The intensity of the spread of the Omicron coronavirus COVID-19 strain is about 5 times higher than that of the Delta strain. At the same time, it is expected that in the near future air carriers will initially begin to massively refuse flights to the African continent (including African airlines operating on the continent itself), however, given the penetration of coronavirus into other regions, flights will be massively canceled and on other international routes.

Experts do not exclude that due to the high intensity of the Omicron coronavirus COVID-19 strain, the relatively recently resumed air traffic with Egypt may be interrupted again, although so far Russian carriers and authorities have not taken such steps.

The suit has gone, they will earn on it for a long time, some at the feeding trough - on pills, masks, others to profit from fines ... All this hysteria chatter was directed in the right direction - a healthy lifestyle, sports, chess, books, etc. - - there would be more benefits

So this is a biological weapon, viruses do not mutate like that randomly. It is not without reason that 200 biological laboratories of the US Air Force have been distributed around the world. And in a suspicious way, the virus mutates, directly copies the composition of the BRICS countries: Chinese strain, Brazilian, Indian, South African ... It remains to wait for the Russian variety.

WHO and corruption are one and the same. It has long been shown.
The Kremlin will reduce pence for this case ...

WHO is not impartial and does everything in the interests of pharmaceutical companies, deceiving the authorities and the population and passing off a pug for an elephant. The common flu, which is several times more dangerous than covid, suddenly disappeared and evaporated. One gets the impression that it is influenza patients who are passed off as covid and those who have died of covid.

It's a strange virus. More and more like a biological weapon ...



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