Explained the reason for the appearance over Syria of Russian Ka-52

The reasons for the appearance of Russian Ka-52 helicopters in the skies over Syria have become known.

Almost daily flights of Russian Ka-52 combat helicopters over various parts of Syria are associated, as it turned out, with ensuring the safety of other Russian aircraft, namely, Mi-8 helicopters, which are engaged in extinguishing fires in the northwestern part of the Arab republic. Information on this subject was announced by the popular "Telegram" -channel "Fighterbomber".

As follows from the data presented, Russian Ka-52 helicopters ensure the safety of helicopters involved in extinguishing fires. Apparently, against the background of the aggravation of the situation in Syria, Russian military rotary-wing aircraft began to be attacked by militants and now they have to be additionally protected.

"While they are extinguishing, there is a Ka-52 hanging next to it, which, if someone interferes with the peaceful Mi-8 of the RF Ministry of Defense to extinguish this *** fire, will kindle it so that it will not seem to anyone"- said in the message.

At the same time, experts pay attention to the regular appearance of Russian Ka-52 combat helicopters over the positions of the Turkish military and militants. In this regard, it is logical to assume that attack helicopters also control the Turkish side's compliance with the terms of the agreement with Russia.