Shot down a drone


Fire without warning: Russian air defense calculations in Syria received an order to shoot down everything that flies

Russian air defense systems in Syria have been ordered to shoot down any aircraft without warning.

Arab news agencies, citing sources in the Syrian Defense Ministry, report that the calculations of Russian air defense systems were ordered without warning to open fire on foreign military aircraft appearing in closed areas in the north and northeast of Syria.

According to sources, this is due to the fact that Russian military aviation gained access to previously held US military bases, while there was information that the US military was instructed to destroy the infrastructure of military bases.

Given the types and quantity of air defense systems deployed in the northern part of Syria, we can talk not only about hundreds, but also about thousands of square kilometers of territory and airspace in which foreign military aircraft and helicopters are forbidden to appear.

It should be clarified that the Russian side has not yet commented on the transfer of its air defense systems to the northern part of the Arab Republic, however, obviously, Russia intends to provide serious protection for this region.