Operators of the American UAV MQ-9 crashed the drone for 17 million dollars

The US military crashed a $ 17 million strike drone.

During a special military operation on the territory of one of the African states, the US military purposefully smashed its MQ-9 Reaper reconnaissance drone. The cost of the drone was $ 17 million and as a result of the crash, the drone was destroyed and cannot be restored.

According to data available to the news agency, during a flight over one of the African states, the MQ-9A Reaper UAV experienced a fuel leak, forcing the operators to send the drone into the ground. This was done deliberately so that the remains of the aircraft and equipment, after a possible hit from the ground, did not fall into the "wrong hands." MQ-9A, serial number 08-4051 of 214th Squadron, was on a mission in support of the US Command in Africa. According to a number of data, the fuel leak itself is associated with the shelling of an American drone from the ground, although there is no official confirmation of this data yet.

It should be noted that on the territory of Syria, the US military lost at least 4 MQ-9 Reaper attack drones - some of them were destroyed by the SAA air defense systems. However, in part of the incidents, Russia is suspected, which could have used its electronic warfare means to collide two UAVs, as previously reported by the resource.