Fighter F-35


Published photo of the crashed F-35 fighter

The British military published a photo of the crashed F-35 fighter.

The British military posted on the Web a photo of an F-35 fighter jet of the British Air Force that crashed a few months ago. The incident occurred in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea - for unknown reasons, the combat aircraft could not accelerate, as a result of which, having reached the edge of the deck of the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, it fell into the water.

In the presented photo, you can see that the damage to the fighter, although very significant, is not so critical that it does not allow the restoration of this fighter. Even though the combat aircraft has been in salt water for a very long time, visually the damage is not as great as expected, although it can be seen that the wing, lower fuselage and tail section of the aircraft are seriously damaged.

It is known that the cost of work associated with lifting the fighter from the depths amounted to about 100 million dollars. This is comparable to the cost of a new fifth-generation combat aircraft. Nevertheless, as noted earlier in London, the key task of the operation to lift the British fighter out of the water was to prevent the aircraft from hitting the Russian military.

According to a number of sources in the British media, because of the published photograph, the British Ministry of Defense is trying to identify the military who took the photo and posted it on the Web, as such actions led to the leakage of classified data.

Already assembled and put in place. :-)

You wrote that the Russians stole it?

And if this is the second plane, they showed it so that everyone would calm down, but in fact they simply could not find the one that went to the bottom. He looks too perfect!

That it does not look like a plane that crashed into the water, and even went to the bottom of at least 200-250 meters, and even lay there for several months. I wonder why he lies with his belly to the top, and even with open bomb bays, which are also empty.

Not significant damage?)) Yes, this is already a corpse!