Shot down a Su-30 fighter


Photo of the downed Russian Su-30 fighter was published

The first photo of the downed Russian Su-30 fighter has been published.

At the disposal of the news agency was a photograph taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, which captures a Russian Su-30 fighter shot down a few days ago. There are no official comments on this, however. practically nothing remained of the combat aircraft - only fragments of two engines can be identified in the photograph.

Earlier there was information that the Su-30 fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces was shot down by mistake by another Russian fighter, during a training air battle due to negligence - the ammunition of the aircraft gun was not removed. Despite the fact that there is no confirmation of this data, representatives of the RF Ministry of Defense do not comment on this data.

“Unconfirmed reports are circulating on the network that the Russian Su-30SM fighter from the Hotilovo airbase, which crashed today in the Tver region ... battle. The wreckage of the plane has not yet been found. Both crew members are safe. They catapulted ", - data on this subject were provided by the Russian "Telegram" -channel "Military Observer".

At the moment, this is the first and only photograph from the site of the downed Russian Su-30 fighter, however, the absence of statements from the Russian defense department does not allow an objective assessment of what happened.


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