Video of another shot down plane of Azerbaijan Air Force published

A video of the destruction of an Azerbaijani military aircraft has appeared on the web.

A few hours ago, the Artsakh army published a video of the destruction of an Azerbaijani military aircraft by the Osa anti-aircraft missile system. The aircraft, flying deep in the territory of Karabakh, obviously carried out reconnaissance of the area, as a result of which there were no problems with its defeat - the aircraft was definitely shot down by a fired anti-aircraft guided missile.

At the moment, there is information that we are talking about the An-2 aircraft, which was in the sky in an unmanned mode, while there is evidence that data was collected on the operation of Armenia's air defense systems, in connection with which it is possible delivering new strikes against the NKR and Armenian air defense positions, by analogy with the destruction of the Repellent electronic warfare systems, S-300 and Tor air defense systems, etc.

Experts draw attention to the fact that over the past month Azerbaijan has lost several dozen of its An-2 aircraft, as evidenced by both satellite images showing the thinning rows of these aircraft at one of the airfields, and video footage of the destruction of these aircraft by Armenian air defense systems and army of Artsakh.

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