A video of the use of Russian laser-guided munitions "Krasnopol" in Syria has been published

In Syria, Russian laser-guided Krasnopol ammunition began to be actively used.

The news agency has acquired unique video footage demonstrating the use of Russian 152mm in Syria. ammunition "Krasnopol" with laser guidance. The uniqueness of these ammunition is in their extreme accuracy and reliability - provided that the target is successfully targeted, the destruction of the latter is guaranteed.

On the video footage presented, you can see one of the episodes of the use of Krasnopol ammunition, and if it was originally assumed that they were used by the Russian and Syrian military, it later turned out that in reality the positions of the jihadists were being attacked by the IRGC military, although officially these ammunition is not in Iranian armament ...

During the use of Krasnopol ammunition in Syria, and the latter were also seen in the conflict in Libya, Russian weapons proved to be excellent, which led to the fact that even NATO countries, in particular, France, became interested in purchasing Russian ammunition.

It should be noted that one of the most promising modifications is the Krasnopol-D ammunition, which is aimed at the target directly from the satellite.