The Russian frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov, which opened fire off the coast of Japan, forced Tokyo to call for help from US ships

Tokyo turned to the United States for help over the shooting of the Russian frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov.

Official Tokyo turned to the United States for help to defend its borders after the Russian frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov opened fire and fired near the Japanese coast.

Asian media report that a group of Russian warships ignored warnings from Japan and the United States and entered the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan, where they practiced firing, including launching cruise missiles, which not so much angered Tokyo as frightened, and therefore , Japan began to demand assistance from Washington to protect its borders and maritime space.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the Russian fleet acted within the framework of international law, however, at the same time, they do not exclude that such actions are a response to the provocation of the United States a few weeks ago - then an American warship invaded two kilometers into Russian territorial waters ...

“There are no provocative actions in the firing carried out by Russian ships. Japan may well keep its speculations to itself, since Russia acted exclusively within the framework of international law. If Tokyo hopes to put pressure on Russia with the help of Washington, then Russia will be ready to act in such a way as to protect not only its interests, but also its borders - the United States is well aware of this. ", - emphasizes the specialist.