Published video of Iranian drone strike on Israel

There was a video of an Iranian kamikaze drone hitting an Israeli chemical plant.

Despite Israel's statements that all Iranian drones fired at Israeli targets were successfully shot down by the Air Force and Air Defense, it turned out that, in fact, Iranian drones successfully hit their targets. So, at the disposal of the editorial staff of the portal there was a unique video published by members of the Hamas movement, where you can see the moment of the attack on the Israeli chemical plant - Israel's air defense systems did not even notice the drone that attacked the facility, which could have stored such toxic chemicals. like chlorine, ammonia, etc.

In the video footage presented, you can see how the Palestinians are launching a drone, and the latter successfully strikes the building of the chemical complex. It is not yet known how serious the destruction is, however, apparently, it was possible to avoid a breach of the tightness of containers with toxic substances.

Experts pay attention to the fact that in two days, namely so much time has passed since the start of the use of Iranian drones, not a single drone was shot down by Israeli air defense systems, which indicates that in the event of a large-scale launch of such UAVs, damage for Israel can be very significant.

Having received "well-known" and "irrefutable" information, the chemical plant sparkled with joy and caught fire!

All 4 drones launched from the Gaza Strip were shot down, and their pictures were published: 3 were shot down by Iron Dome systems, and 1 was intercepted by electronic means and landed in Israel. All this information is available in open sources and published. I wonder if you will post my comment

The reason for these events is Israel's constant creeping expansion into the Palestinian territories. Long negotiations with Israel are a way for Israel to get a respite and concentrate forces. The solution to the problem is the unconditional return of the occupied territories to the Palestinians. Otherwise, this confrontation will go on forever. Considering the growth of the population in Palestine and other Arab countries, nothing shines for Israel. There will be a Kosovo option.

This nightmare must be stopped. This is the road to nowhere. The parties must finally understand this.