Video footage of the defeat of the positions of Turkish armored vehicles by Kurdish formations published

The Kurds defeated the positions of the Turkish army in a few minutes.

Despite the statements of the Turkish military about the success of the military operation against the Kurds, it became known that the Kurdish formations are successfully restraining the Turkish army. In particular, at the disposal of the editorial office were video frames in which the Kurdish formations demonstrate the defeat of the stronghold of the Turkish military, destroying two M60 tanks in just a few minutes and damaging other armored and unarmored vehicles.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the attack of the Kurdish formations on the position of the Turkish army. So, in particular, when the first tank, which was under the awning, was destroyed, the ammunition load of the latter detonated, as a result of which not only the snatch awning, but also the turret, was ripped off the tank. A similar fate befell the second Turkish tank, after which, according to the source, other equipment of the Turkish military was attacked (not shown in the video).

Earlier, the Kurds have already claimed that the Turkish forces are suffering rather serious losses, but Ankara does not want to disclose this information, fearing that this could lead to internal protests in the country - after the introduction of American sanctions, the Turkish economy began to go through rather difficult times.

and the UAV did not help ...
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