Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor hands over jet fighters to Ukraine

A billionaire from Pakistan handed over a batch of combat aircraft to Ukraine.

Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor has openly supported Ukraine, having bought and allegedly donated a batch of fighter jets to Ukraine for the Ukrainian army. It is known that we are talking about two combat aircraft. At the same time, the type of fighters transferred to Ukraine has not yet been disclosed. Data on this subject is given by the publication Newsweek.

“According to his wife, Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor donated fighter jets to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces resist a special military operation. Zakhur's wife, Ukrainian singer Kamaliya Zakhur (professionally known as Kamaliya), said her husband and other wealthy friends were secretly helping Ukraine in its fight against Russia, Ukrainian TSN reported on Wednesday. “[Mohammad] gave me the green light to talk about it. Because they covered up these [actions]. They gave Ukraine two fighter jets and are helping Ukraine,” she said during the “Morning with Ukraine” program., - reports the publication "News Week".

The Ukrainian side has not made any official statements regarding the supply of fighter jets purchased by Pakistani billionaires, however, such actions on the part of wealthy foreigners are completely unacceptable for Russia.

According to experts, either MiG-29 fighters or Su-27 fighters could be transferred to Ukraine.