The first combat use of the Burevoi MLRS in Ukraine was caught on video

In Ukraine, for the first time, the combat use of the Burevoi MLRS was recorded.

The unique Burevoy multiple launch rocket system was first seen carrying out strikes on the territory of Ukraine. Previously, these complexes have already been seen in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, however, the fact of using the latter for strikes is recorded for the first time.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the Ukrainian multiple launch rocket system carries out strikes at a long distance. During the shooting, the illumination is enough to notice the characteristic features of this combat vehicle, which, by the way, according to various sources, entered service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in very limited quantities - according to a number of data, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were supposed to transfer 12 heavy MLRS "Burevoy". However, by the time the special military operation began, the Ukrainian military had only one installation, which, by the way, is probably captured on the video footage presented.

It is not reported in which region of Ukraine the corresponding video frames were made, however, the presence of this heavy offensive weapon in the Armed Forces of Ukraine creates certain risks, since the firing range of the Burevoi MLRS is up to 60 kilometers.