2500 rockets have already been fired at Israel

Palestinians fired 2500 rockets at Israel.

According to data on the evening of May 14, 2021, during the armed Palestinian-Israeli conflict, at least 2500 missiles were fired into Israel. It turned out that despite the rather extensive network of Israeli air defense / missile defense systems, the Israeli forces managed to repel the strikes of only 1000 missiles, which, even taking into account the official Israeli data, suggests that the effectiveness is only about 40%.

The activity of missile strikes from the Gaza Strip the day before was significantly reduced, however, sources report that Lebanon and Syria may well be involved in the conflict - from the territory of the latter, by the way, at least three missiles were fired in the direction of Israel over the past day. two of which successfully broke through Israel's air defense systems and hit some targets.

It is noteworthy that a day earlier, members of the Hamas movement first began to actively use Iranian drones to deliver strikes - the latter, for unknown reasons, remain unnoticed by Israeli air defense systems, however, how many drones may be in service with Hamas is still unknown.

2500 missiles if they hit Israel))

what nonsense are the Russian media talking about?
1000 missiles shot down, 2500 launched, of which almost 500 crashed in the gas itself
a lot of missiles went into the sea, their dome didn't even shoot down, fuck the shells on them
count gentlemen of mathematics