World's first use of Russian S-400s against American F-16s confirmed

The US Congress confirmed the first use of Russian S-400s against American F-16s.

Representatives of the Congress of the United States of America announced that Turkey dared to use the S-400 complexes acquired from Russia against the American F-16 fighters. This is the first officially confirmed case of the use of the latest Russian air defense systems against American combat aircraft.

“The United States Congress was furious when they learned that Turkey in November last year organized joint tests of the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system purchased from Russia and the American-made F-16 Fighting Falcon fourth-generation fighter. This was reported by Defense News with reference to its sources. The introduction of an American fighter jet for tests as a target for the Russian air defense system was regarded by many congressmen as a provocation and almost a public insult. “Targeting” was interpreted as an implicit threat to other F-16 users, including the United States “It is necessary to understand that this was not only a deliberate provocation. Joint tests began the day after Mr. Erdogan visited the Oval Office, ”Defense News reveals the nuances. The publication recalled that the purchase by Turkey from the Russian Federation of the S-400 Triumph led to the fact that the modernization of the F-16 Fighting Falcon of the Turkish Air Force, which was to be carried out by the American corporation Lockheed Martin, was suspended indefinitely. 1,5 billion deal between Ankara and Islamabad under threat ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Evening Courier".

Earlier, information that Russian S-400s were tested on F-4 and F-16 fighters was presented exclusively by the Turkish media - the military did not confirm this data, however, given the fact that this information was confirmed in the US Congress, it is logical suggest that this is the first known case when the S-400 complexes were used directly against American military aircraft.

Moreover, there is confirmed information that the F-400 and F-35 fighters of the US Air Force have also repeatedly flown within the radius of detection and destruction of the Russian S-22s stationed in Turkey, which does not exclude the possibility that the S-400s could to be tested on fifth-generation fighters, but the Turkish media do not comment on this information.

Air defense testing does not mean actual destruction. During the test: target codes are read, recognition of "friend or foe", testing means of aiming and their adjustment, and so on. As a result, the "read" targets, in the future, easily go astray, becoming defenseless, the recognition time is reduced, which means they will be shot down on a more distant approach. They are already "digitized" in the program of the complex: a combat installation and electronic warfare equipment. Electronic warfare means, in turn, experience their location and impact on the target's electronics. At the same time, the crews gain experience for further use.

And what else is there to comment on? F-4,16 is understandable. F-22 and 35, too, only there, in Syria, the Russians were already aiming, at the same time they tried the rail on them, broke the electronics on both. This has already been reported. Has it just reached Congress? - that the US has lost trillions of dollars of its taxpayers?

The F-16, forty years old, could be fired from the S-200, and the S-400 is good for the Raptors and F-35. The staff will cry.

I understand that I used it, which means there was a launch, and then the destruction of the F-16. Not a word about this. Was there a launch? Where did the C 400 fly? whom did you hit? Otherwise, it's a fake.

Why such a stir? F-15, F16 could escort and destroy the old C-75. "AND WHAT"

Let's start with the fact that this S-400 is not Russian, but Turkish (export model), the title of the article does not correspond to reality.

Well, as a test, just turned on the radar

What a tragedy! We tested the weapons.

Something for a long time before the US congressmen reached the "news" about the test of the S-400 by Turkey on the F-16, which the Turks wrote about last year.
One can understand that the US Congress is overseas from Turkey. Sail for a long time.

Islamabad is Pakistan, and in Turkey it is either Istanbul or Ankara ...