Aircraft IL-114


After the crash of the Il-112V, flights of the Il-114 aircraft are prohibited - the reason is in the engine

The passenger Il-114, equipped with TV7-117 engines, was banned from any flights.

After the Il-112V military transport aircraft crashed in the Moscow region due to an engine fire, it became known that any flights of the Il-114-300 passenger aircraft were also banned. The reason for this is the use of the same TV-7-117 aircraft engine. This indirectly confirms the version that the crash of the military Il-112V is connected precisely with technical problems with the power plant.

“The Il-114-300 passenger aircraft was banned from flying to the Kubinka airfield to participate in the Army-2021 international forum due to the crash of the Il-112V military transport aircraft. The reason for this decision was the use of TV7-117ST engines on both aircraft, a source in the aviation industry said., - says "TASS".

Earlier, the news agency has already reported that several accidents have already occurred with the Il-112V aircraft, and all of them are associated with the TV7-117 engine. It was for this reason that it was decided not to risk and not take the Il-114-300 into the sky until the investigation into the causes of the plane crash in the Moscow region was completed.

the engine stalled, and the propeller worked as an aerodynamic brake, so it stalled. the pitch of the propeller is now controlled by the automatics. when the plane is forced to glide, the blades rotate in the direction of travel for less air resistance, that is, the propeller is feathered.

In general, what is the dispute about. IL-114 aircraft made in Russia - 1 piece, and IL-112v is no longer one, in which feathers. A 4-turbine screw TU-95 will not be affected. What is the trick of the author.

c-130, A-400, P-3 Orion, An-12, Il-18, An-22, Tu-95, Tu-114 are all turboprop. How many engines do they have?

Il-18, An-12, An-22, Tu-95, Tu-114

Of course, there are not so many of them: An-12, An-72, Tu-95 (Tu-142), Il-18, Il-22, Il-38, S-130, Y-9, A-400m

I may be wrong, but in my opinion, if one of the two engines fails, it should be possible to safely fly in calm weather for 60 minutes

SOFA GRAMOTEY. You have seen a lot of aircraft with 4 PROPELLER engines.

In the USSR, there have always been problems with powerful, but reliable engines, so they put three or four instead of two, and now ...

Don't talk nonsense .... How many engines on the plane, for which the Il-112 was prepared (for replacement) ??? Can you count to two ????

In the USSR, there have always been four propeller engines, on airplanes, for safety, and now human life is 0



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