Video of the second downed Azerbaijani military aircraft appeared

A video of the downed Azerbaijani military aircraft has been published.

The Karabakh army has published a video of the destruction of the second Azerbaijani military aircraft.

This morning, the Karabakh army destroyed the second military aircraft of the Azerbaijani Air Force, which violated the airspace of the unrecognized republic. As a confirmation, the military published a corresponding video, which shows the moment of the crash of the downed military plane, which became the second in the last 12 hours of the armed conflict.

On the presented video frames, you can see that, contrary to the statement of the operator, we are talking about the plane, while on the Web there is information that a military transport plane was shot down, although there is no evidence of this at the moment. The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan does not comment on such information, however, on the eve of the evening, air defense systems of Armenia or the army of Karabakh shot down an An-2 aircraft of the Azerbaijani Air Force, presumably used to transfer a small group of military personnel to the rear, in order to conduct a special operation.

All parties to the conflict bear significant losses, however, earlier it became known that the largest ones are borne by Azerbaijan - in the third day of the armed conflict, the losses of the Azerbaijani army have already reached 500 people, more than 50 tanks, more than 40 drones, 4 helicopters and two planes.

At the moment, attempts to resolve the conflict through diplomatic means have failed.