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Against the "Boeing" and "Flydubai" preparing a multimillion-dollar claims on the fact of the plane crash in Rostov

Relatives of the crash victims in Rostov-on-Don began a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against «Boeing» aircraft manufacturing giant and airlines «Flydubai».

This information came to the editorial office of the portal a few hours ago, and, as it became known from competent sources, American lawyers will be conducting an investigation into the culprit in the crash, who will argue that if Boeing and / or Fludubai Airlines will be proved, huge amounts of money will be allocated to the relatives of the victims of the plane crash.

In turn, it should also be clarified that, upon the fact of the investigation, it was possible to establish that the passenger air at the time of the accident was in good technical condition, which is why the human factor is considered to be the main version.