Armenian air defense shot down Israeli UAV Aerostar

A photo of a drone destroyed by the Armenian military has appeared.

About a day ago, the news agency reported that a reconnaissance drone entered the airspace of Armenia from the territory of Azerbaijan, which was almost immediately shot down by the Armenian military. As it turned out, we are talking about the Aerostar drone of the Israeli space, which are in service with Azerbaijan.

“The Armenian Defense Ministry reported that on the evening of July 29, Armenian air defense forces shot down the Azerbaijani reconnaissance UAV Aerostar, produced by the Israeli Aeronautics Group (now part of the Rafael company), which invaded the airspace of Armenia. The wreckage of the device fell 3,5 km north of the village of Vanevan, Gegharkunik region of Armenia ", - the source said.

In the image presented, you can see the downed Aerostar drone. Judging by the damage received, the drone was shot down, probably by an anti-aircraft gun, however, there are no details on this yet.

Earlier it was assumed that the Armenian military could knock out the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone, which could be used to control the situation and strike at the positions of the Armenian military. Nevertheless, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces preferred to use a cheaper UAV. Even in spite of its small size, the drone was successfully detected and shot down.

Even no hits in the drone are visible! It can be seen that he fell himself,