Boeing P-8 Poseidon


EW or an unknown weapon? US military aircraft disappears at Russian military bases in Syria

An American military plane disappeared near Russian military bases in Syria.

When performing another reconnaissance mission near Russian military bases off the coast of Syria, the American military aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon unexpectedly disappeared about 60 kilometers from the shores of neighboring Lebanon. Experts pay attention to a rather strange flight route of an American military reconnaissance aircraft, and suggest that the use of the Russian electronic suppression system may be the reason for the mysterious disappearance.

On the presented route diagrams, it can be seen that the American military aircraft flew with working transponders, but periodically the connection with the aircraft was lost. At some point, the plane was able to cover a distance of more than a hundred kilometers in just one minute, while its flight altitude dropped sharply from 9450 meters to 1270 meters, and after a few minutes, the plane completely disappeared from the radars of public resources, appearing on them only an hour later.

Experts believe that the cause may be the work of Russian electronic warfare systems, which thus “drive off” American military aircraft, however, the use of completely different types of weapons, including the American side, which make it possible to hide the presence of a military aircraft near the Syrian the borders.

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