Russia ready to launch a preemptive strike against the US nuclear weapons storage facility in Germany

Russia’s preemptive strike capabilities make it possible to destroy the US nuclear weapons storage facility in Germany.

The presence of tactical missile weapons and hypersonic missiles in the arsenal of the country gives Russia the opportunity to destroy a huge storage of US nuclear weapons on German territory with several preemptive strikes. The consequences of this for NATO will be so serious that in fact, all of central and eastern Europe will be destroyed.

NATO's provocative actions and open aggression against Russia lead to the fact that the Russian side will be ready, in the event of the slightest provocation from any NATO member state, to strike a preemptive strike against any other NATO country. Taking into account the fact that the largest storage of US nuclear weapons in Europe is located on the territory of Germany, this very object will be the target.

Despite the fact that Russia currently has no ground-based tactical missile systems capable of striking the US nuclear weapons storage facility at Ramstein airbase, the Russian hypersonic missile systems Dagger and Zircon make it possible to do so. A few precise strikes at a strategic facility with hypersonic weapons will be enough to destroy it, and if the nuclear arsenal detonates, the consequences for the whole of Europe will be catastrophic.

Moreover, if necessary, Russia is able to defeat American fighters and bombers carrying nuclear weapons right on the German border. The data on this matter were voiced earlier by Viktor Baranets, noting that the capabilities of Russian fighters and air defense systems will be sufficient to prevent NATO aircraft from flying into the sky with nuclear weapons - the latter will go astray even before they begin to pose a real threat.

Only this will not bring joy to anyone - they will destroy the country with a retaliatory strike, guaranteed and immediately.

Not Chernobyl ... multiples of a larger place ...

But loved ones ...

what do you suggest?

Russia is ready to regret deeply again.

That's right, there will be another "Chernobyl" with a bunch of refugees. Which would not be bad to let into Independence.

let it be known to the author that nuclear weapons do not detonate like TNT. as a result of external influence, a nuclear warhead may simply collapse and a nuclear radioactive warhead will enter the atmosphere. the so-called "dirty bomb" will turn out, which will infect several hundred square kilometers with a lethal level of radiation, depending on the direction and speed of the wind.

Ability and willingness are different things ...