Russia launched a warning missile strike on a US warship

A missile attack using anti-ship missiles was launched against the area of ​​an American warship that violated the Russian border.

After an incident that occurred a day earlier in the Peter the Great Gulf, when the American missile destroyer John McCain violated Russian sea borders and its crew refused to obey the demands of the Russian military, a missile strike was struck against the area of ​​the US Seventh Fleet ship using Uranium missile systems. ".

Despite the fact that we are talking about pre-planned tests of the armament of the Russian corvette, it was at this distance from Russian territorial waters that the American warship was previously located, which obviously indicates the intentions of the Russian military to demonstrate to the United States a readiness to attack any ships carrying even minimal threat.

“The newest corvette Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov, which is now undergoing state tests, for the first time performed the launch of a cruise missile of the Uranus complex against a sea target. At a given time, the cruise missile successfully hit a surface target, which was 40 kilometers from the warship. To support the tests, about 10 ships and vessels were involved, as well as aircraft of the Pacific Fleet naval aviation, which monitored the area and the results of the exercise "- notes Russian information publication "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Earlier, the American side announced that it does not recognize the Russian borders and will continue to operate in the area in accordance with its interests.

Neither the Commander-in-Chief, nor the Minister of Defense, nor the generals and admirals, and even more so the lieutenants - in the West there are no real estate, no bank accounts, no families. And those whom you call ncevdoeluta have nothing to do with weapons, missile launches or decisions to use them - they have nothing to do with them. So your shot is a blank shot into the void. The method is out of date.

Neither the Commander-in-Chief, nor the Minister of Defense, nor the generals and admirals of the Russian Armed Forces, let alone the lieutenants - in the West, there is no real estate, no bank accounts, no families. And those whom you call a pseudo-elite have nothing to do with the armed forces, or with missile launches, or with the decision to launch them, have nothing to do. So your throw-in, which you made according to the well-known training manual, is a blank shot into the void.

Of course you need to threaten. But it is unlikely that an order will come about the real use of the Russian miracle weapon against the Western aggressors. In the ruling Russia of the pseudo-elite, almost all tangible assets are transferred, as they become available, under foreign jurisdiction. There, in the grace of the "civilized west" are their families. They have fun, study, do a profitable business, have fun and of course multiply. If you strike at such a geopolitical enemy, then what will the Russian pseudo-elite be left with, with the bows of St. George's ribbons on proudly protruding breasts ?! Do they need it?

Was there a fight?

The Yankees will have to recognize the borders of Russia, you can prove to crabs on the seabed that you do not recognize the borders of Russia. The crabs will support you for diapers.

After a fight, they do not wave their fists.