Missile cruiser


Russia sent two missile cruisers and one frigate with Caliber missiles to intercept the British aircraft carrier

Russian missile cruisers and a frigate were sent to intercept the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth.

Two Russian missile cruisers and one missile frigate passed the Bosphorus course today and headed towards the Mediterranean Sea. Speech, according to the information and news agency Avia.pro, is about the missile cruisers "Moscow" and "Slava", as well as the frigate "Admiral Grigorovich" (according to other sources - Admiral Essen), which are sent to the eastern Mediterranean to intercept the British aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth" and the accompanying carrier strike group with American and British warships.

Earlier, a source for the news agency Avia.pro reported that the Russian military was considering sending the Moskva missile cruiser to the Mediterranean Sea, which was supposed to be tested in the region and visit the Russian naval base in Syrian Tartus, but official statements on this score was not.

Experts note that the capabilities of one Russian missile cruiser "Moskva" would be enough to contain an entire aircraft carrier strike group, however, sending two missile cruisers to the Mediterranean Sea and one missile frigate armed with cruise missiles "Caliber" allows Russia to demonstrate complete superiority over NATO ships.

"Moskva" and "Slava" are one and the same ship! ))))

helicopter expert Belyaev does not know ... where did the second cruiser come from ???? you once again confirmed that you are a fake site

It looks like one cruiser. Slava is the former name of the cruiser Moscow (in the USSR).