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Russia responded to the provocations of Belarus by sending its own army to the border

Russia reminded Belarus why it will not tolerate Minsk's provocations at its borders.

The Belarusian military equipment that appeared near the Russian borders became an occasion for Moscow to remind the neighboring state that despite the fraternal relations of the two peoples, Russia is ready to demonstrate its strength if necessary. Thus, it became known that due to the provocations of Belarus, Russia pulled a huge army of 3 thousand servicemen and 800 pieces of equipment to the borders of this state, in fact, completely surrounding Belarus from the east.

“On Monday evening, the press service of the ZVO RF reported that“ more than 3 servicemen of the Russian Guards Combined Arms Army ”will take part in tactical exercises in the west of the country. "In total, more than 800 pieces of weapons, special and military equipment will be involved in tactical exercises at military training grounds in the Voronezh, Moscow, Bryansk, Belgorod, Smolensk and Kursk regions," the press service of the ZVO said.- сообщает Pravda.ru publication.

According to analysts, Russia completely legitimately demonstrates to Belarus its readiness to respond to any provocations near its own borders if necessary, especially after Lukashenko's calls and unsubstantiated accusations against Russian citizens detained a few days ago in Belarus.

“If Minsk decided to start pulling their military equipment to the Russian border, why can't Russia do this? At the moment, we are talking exclusively about retaliatory measures so that they do not speak in Minsk ", - said a specialist Avia.pro

Why a chameleon? Why should he support Russia? What is Russia to him? No progress in any of the areas, only wasting natural resources, but scaring everyone with rockets. The West is advancing in the field of science, technology, space. Who needs a neighbor a parasite?

exactly exist!

Clever grabber. I decided that I could always live at the Russian expense. He wants everything and always for FREE!

They flirted with Ukrainian brothers for 15 years. What do we end up with? Now with the Belarusian brothers on the same rake ... But father all the years, both ours and yours.

Of course, in order to bring NATO closer to the Russian borders. And for what else, dear you are our wiseacre !!!

Three thousand servicemen. Doesn't pull on a huge army. Even half the division will not be typed.

Spinning like a frying pan - "dad", everywhere grabbed money, asked for help, the chair is shaking, and no one is to blame, but he does not care about the people !!!

Was it initially unknown that Lukashenka was a chameleon? Over 20 years? I will not be rude ... But, in my opinion, our government is not quite competent representatives of the political "elite". Or interested ...

Some of them are listening. Lukashenka even acts according to the state department - he accuses Russia of what he himself is to blame. Yes, dirty games!

Who attacked whom? WHAT ARE YOU ABOUT?????

Well, who will now be responsible for the funds invested in Belarus?

The Americans will not help them on their own, and then they will have the same situation. And we will always exist ..........

In vain they started this, I do not know whether Belarusians, or third parties, but don't be dashing, while it is quiet!

Those. Is it Putin who detained 33 Belarusian citizens and threatens to extradite them from a third country?

Most recently, the Russians and the Ukrainians were one people ((

I have a feeling that all this is a kind of "performance" for some outside viewer, for a third person. I don’t know for whom specifically, for the States or for Europe, or for whom else? Something is being played out, some kind of performance. Such a feeling.

I agree with you Igor

I have guesses about Putin, that he is listening to someone who is overseas. He decided, on someone's order, to destabilize the situation in Belarus and to embroil our countries. So that we have no friends left at all. And dad probably does everything right. He's a smart guy, I'm sure.

Lukashenko, for the sake of power, puts everything on the line. But the worst thing is that he is putting the fate of the Belarusian people on the line.

War is always bad.

Lukashenko completely lost his mind before the elections, set up the Army against the Russian brother, who side by side defended the country from fascism, in my opinion he is playing a double game.

Lukashenko is another Mazepa. It will end the same.

The Belarusians, perhaps, will not attack, but their neighbors can arrange a provocation at the suggestion of their overseas partners.

Putin is afraid ?? Yes, in Europe, they only shout about fear of Russia, and that is about to attack (already 50 years). Even unhappy Ukraine has been holding back the onslaught of Russia and saving Europe for 30 years now!

They say that Alexander Grigorievich decided to take the name MAZEPA

It is difficult to come up with a more mediocre answer to resolve misunderstandings with the fraternal people.

The Americans are great. And you, cotton lumpen, know your lousy place)

Belarusians, where are you, tell me, what do you think about this? We don't need war, who needs it?

They collapsed completely from the oak. Let those in power squabble, but we are a single people, we have nothing to divide. Belarusians and Russians are parts of a single people who would not suggest otherwise, all this is done not in the interests of the people, but in the interests of a small handful of usurpers and global capitalists.

That's right, 3000 people are just a reinforced SMR (motorized rifle regiment). What army is being pulled together?

"How Ivan Ivanovich quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich." Once again I am convinced of Gogol's genius!

We are not attacking - they are attacking us, they call them names as aggressors. Cheeks will not be enough to substitute for all "friends".

The author is working off the State Department salary. Don't bother him.

Belarus itself will not attack, but where is the guarantee that there is no one behind it

Think with your head ... Although there are other places ...

Do you think that 30 people could have organized the riots?

Hmmm ... this is a really interesting thought. There is a place to be. There is something to think about.

Belarus decided to attack Russia, which has the second most powerful army in the world plus atomic weapons? Chickens fell from laughter from the roost. Our regime, having once again failed with a prepared provocation, now decided not to hesitate to carry out direct military intervention? Zhirinovsky said bluntly that a surprise awaits Lukashenka on August 10. And this court jester always says what his masters need.

“Russia will not have, and has never before had, such haters, envious people, slanderers and even outright enemies like all these Slavic tribes, as soon as Russia liberates them, and Europe agrees to recognize them as liberated.” - Dostoevsky.

Dostoevsky was right (- “Russia will not have, and never before has there been, such haters, envious people, slanderers and even outright enemies like all these Slavic tribes, as soon as Russia liberates them, and Europe agrees to recognize them as liberated”.

Your Russian score is "-0". Do not dishonor us and do not write any more, although you are right.

And where is he twitching? If you read between the lines, then it says that 3000 people and 800 pieces of equipment at the ranges from Moscow to Smolensk, and do not stand at the border and wait)))

How does this all fit into the policy of the Kremlin's policy of playing off the fraternal Orthodox peoples: at the beginning Georgia, then Ukraine, now Putin has a lot to do with it, it is necessary to break off relations with Belarus as soon as possible. And why is this all done, anyone thought?

this pig went too far Belarusians have nothing to do with punishing him

Or maybe we are pulling ourselves up to substitute a brotherly shoulder ... Something is brewing

More traitors? Why are you all betraying? Is there something wrong?

What? Who else is the aggressor ?! This is the principle of the West, when they approach a bee evidence, poke a stick at it, and then yell at the entire world community, they have bitten us, you see how bad they are. Russia has never been the first to attack in all history. Go learn history.

We did not get there, but they are trying to push us into another state. Russia is not an aggressor now, we have to answer. Do you like that Russia is bitten and betrayed from all sides? Some have a motto - divide and rule. And our close neighbors, the Slavs, were led and betrayed.

Well, yes, and Russia also built military bases around Russia to threaten the whole world. Thinking is sometimes not harmful.

Yeah, let's not dare, you are like us with tanks and we are with flowers ???

Is Russia at war with someone?

Igor, are you saying that Russia has spat with everyone?
Why, then, are the Anglo-Saxons allocating seventeen billion dollars for Russophobic games with Russia?
Can't you tell? And who is this money paid to? Is it not like you?

I think the world community should apply the next, but effective sanctions and prevent the CrimeaNash option. The aggressor must get bail

You don't have to go to the circus or the theater to find out and see everything about the Great Combiner "Old Man" in the press. By his nature, about his love of power, he is close to Zhirinovsky.

No matter how they get you out ... Russia won't stand for weeks against NATO ..

A friend here on the streets of a Russian beats Russian every day, and here is a vile treacherous and disregarding attitude towards us and what do you want them to drive across Russia in tanks and we watched and rejoiced who drove the first tanks and is to blame for this, but all de I am against the war in general, America needs to get rid of so that there is peace in the whole world

Now they have reached Belarus. They have already disagreed with the whole world. What kind of policy is this hostile? It is not for nothing that Russia is called aggressor. How can it be in the country of PMCs if Peskov said that PMCs are outlawed in Russia?

LUKASHENKO is trying to raise the stakes in the political game and the importance of his figure, but with rather dirty methods. Declaring eternal friendship with RUSSIA, he never was and always had only selfish interest. But history teaches that the traitors will receive a fair retribution.

The military of all countries have a rule that if exercises are conducted on the opposite side of the border, then similar exercises begin in this area on their own territory. It's like a reflex. Especially if the exercises were not announced in advance. No one wants to be shot for allegedly oversleeping the attack. Therefore, Russia is trying to conduct strategic exercises in the central and eastern parts of the country so as not to provoke NATO. If they have to be held in the west, then they announce it a year in advance and invite observers. And here, off the beaten path, mobilization ...

This must be contrived in order to start a war with the Belarusians. Zashkvar, a bad dream

And to fight for what, and most importantly, why ...

and the rest is you ??

Unfortunately, Old Man plays dangerous games. Running between Moscow and Washington, he is constantly shouting about high prices, they say, if you don't knock it off, I can turn over the ocean. This is called blackmail, in this case, political blackmail. When, speculating on brotherly feelings, they try to cheat you, not to please anyone.

Rusichi, do not dare to fight against our fellow White Russia. This is the last part of the Rusichi, which still has our statehood. The foreign occupational anti-Russian, anti-Soviet (Euro-Hitler) non-Russian authorities of the Russian Federation are striving to ensure that we begin to destroy each other. Remember, the police are dominating in the Russian Federation, in the Russian Federation there is no longer a state of Rusichs: the Russian people. Even the former capitals and cities, the territories of the Rusichi: the Russian people, were declared city-states and anti-Russian subjects by foreign invaders. Remember, BeloRus is the only and last heart of all our not deprived Rusichs, the Russian people!

And you just write comments. Become president, show your courage.

It doesn't take a lot of brains to understand that the detainees were needed for the evacuation of A.G. Lukashenko. to Russia in the event of his probable loss in the elections. But he, at the suggestion of his entourage and state strategists, betrayed Russia and refused to support. Shortsighted, but that's his business. In the end, let's drink to A.G. stack and sympathize with the Belarusian people. No further comments are needed.

Of course, I understand everything, but this is the limit, why do we need to fight with the Belarusians? Ukrainians, Belarusians? Someone starts to play cool ... they are our brothers, they will answer kindly, then people will throw Lucas themselves, but there was still not enough so that the Belarusians get angry against us ...

Belarusians are our friends, why this muscle play. It looks like stupidity.

And the Belarusians need to pull together.

Perhaps your comment is the most sensible. But the rest of the writers here have no way to fight.

The circus in these articles is already tired of propaganda. It is obvious that Old Man defends his power, which they wanted to demolish .. and those people whom he detained were in his country for a reason.

Putin can only twitch in relation to his brotherly peoples, he is simply afraid of the rest.

What are 3000 people? Now, if 300000, then this is something serious. And so let them have fun, they will lose in the war.

Why should the AHL pull troops to the Russian border. All this is not casual. Most likely he wants to do something and show something)))

Why pull equipment to the borders of Belarus? To whom do we want to prove? Someone seriously fears an attack by Belarus? I think you shouldn't fall for cheap provocations and repeat their antics, it looks stupid.

Guys, do you really think that Belarusians will attack? Maybe we need to come to our senses and not rattle the weapon, because it can shoot!