Start of a rocket


Russia showed the fantastic power of the "Ball" in the video

The Russian Ministry of Defense has demonstrated the fantastic power of the Russian coastal missile system Ball.

The Russian defense department demonstrated unique video frames of tests of the Bal coastal missile system designed to destroy enemy naval targets. Despite the fact. that the complex was adopted by the Russian army back in 2008, its capabilities are still superior to the capabilities of any existing systems of this type of foreign production, which, by the way, is presented in the video.

“The complex fired at a sea target. After detecting a surface ship of a conventional enemy, the calculation“Bala” performed rocket firing at a designated target, told the Ministry of Defense. It is noted that the target was a unit equipped with special corner radar reflectors "- Russian media report.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the anti-ship missile launched just a moment later found its target, and after a few more seconds it started approaching its defeat. Similar complexes of foreign production work on a completely different principle and are too far in terms of efficiency and manufacturability in comparison with the Russian "Ball".

The effective range of destruction of naval targets by the Russian DBK Bal is up to 260 kilometers.