The Syrian military gestured to the Americans that they would not be allowed into the Russian military base

Syrian troops stopped a US military convoy for the second time in a day, “showing” refusal to move further.

The Syrian army intercepted a US military convoy for the second time in a day, attempting to approach a Russian military airfield in the northeast of the Arab Republic. This time, the US military was more persistent and even tried to show their ambitions, saying that this region was under the control of the US Armed Forces, however, the Syrians showed their temper, and showed their refusal to the military, forcing the Americans to turn around and leave with nothing.

Как claims a user of the “Nadie Harbieh” Twitter account, the incident occurred days earlier between the Syrian settlements of Tel Tamer and Abu Rasin - in the same place as the days before. If earlier the Americans were more accommodating, now their actions looked more provocative, however, a gesture from the Syrian soldier perfectly explained to the American side that further movement in this direction would be impossible.

It should be noted that several months ago, all Syrian roadblocks began to be further strengthened by firing points with anti-tank missile systems, and therefore, with all the desire to break into the desired area, US troops could not, as their actions would be immediately stopped.