Russia damaged and destroyed three Ukrainian warships at once

In Ukraine, announced the destruction of Russia by three warships.

The Ukrainian side stated that the Russian military damaged and actually destroyed three Ukrainian warships. The incident occurred allegedly after the violation of territorial waters by three Ukrainian warships during the so-called incidents in the Kerch Strait.

“A Ukrainian expert writes that“ in Russia, before the ships were handed over to Ukraine, the ships themselves were damaged and all equipment was cut into them. ” What exactly is the “damage” to Ukrainian vessels, which Oktisyuk himself calls “vessels”, and where the evidence of “damage to property” is not reported ”, - quotes the Ukrainian expert Anatoly Oktisyuk publication "Military Review".

On the other hand, at the moment it is known that all three Ukrainian warships, including two armored boats and one tugboat, went into Ukrainian waters in an improper course, which, obviously, caused similar assumptions by the Ukrainian expert, however, it is important to note that no official comments were made by Kiev on this subject, which, most likely, indicates a provocation being created.