Russian army


Russia has deployed more than 40 thousand troops along the border with Ukraine

Russia has deployed along the borders of the DPR and LPR an army twice as large as that of the self-proclaimed republics.

According to information obtained by the information and news resource, significant forces of the Russian army are currently deployed along the border with the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass. As it became known, we are talking about 40 thousand Russian military personnel, which is twice as much as the combined forces of the DPR and LPR.

As follows from the statement made by the press secretary of the Ukrainian leader, Yulia Mendel, at the moment Russian forces pose a significant threat to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in connection with which Kiev has no intentions to go on the offensive in Donbas.

“For six months, while the regime of silence was observed, there were only five deaths from our side. And already this year, in just over three months, 26 Ukrainian soldiers were killed. These sad statistics show that, albeit fragile, the balance was still upset. Along the eastern border, 40 thousand Russian troops are already concentrated, the same number in the occupied Crimea. But you need to assess the situation soberly, give in to panic and aggravate the situation - this is as foolish as underestimating the reality of the threat. Our firm conviction is that only negotiations should lead to peace. That is why we are seeking negotiations in the Normandy format and will move towards peace by all possible diplomatic means, ”said Yulia Mendel, press secretary of the Ukrainian president.

According to the information voiced earlier by Igor Strelkov, currently the combined forces of the LPR make up 20 thousand servicemen, while according to the Ukrainian media, the concentrated forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass already exceed 100 thousand servicemen.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian side has not yet explained the reasons why weapons are being pulled into Donbass.

Firstly, Strelkov talked about the LPR about 20.000, and secondly, this is also not accurate data. In general, Zakharchenko once said that one corps in the DPR alone has up to 40.000 people and in the LPR there is the same corps. That the entire LDNR grouping of the First and Second Corps has about 80.000, which is an order of magnitude less since the grouping of Ukraine, together with vacationers, is more than 300.000, not counting mobilization. And for all the time the ATO has passed and more than 500.000 servicemen have gained experience.