Bottom based rocket


Russia is developing a fundamentally new nuclear strike system

Russia is preparing for the United States an unpleasant surprise.

At the disposal of the resource there is evidence that Russia is developing a new strategic weapons system. This, most likely, is about the bottom-based ballistic missiles, previously known as Skif.

According to the Telegram-channel Gallifrei Technologies, we are talking about the SKIF-RV ROC, as evidenced by the documents submitted. Previously, the development of the Skif missile-launched missiles was really given to publicity, in particular, on November 21 on 2017, the head of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Viktor Bondarev, stated that the Skif missile-based missiles were included in the Arsenal of the Russian Arsenal, while were not ready.

Given the data presented, we are talking about work related to "The production of a prototype of the equipment of the system 15ВХNUMX and the conduct of acceptance tests and factory tests". Taking into account the various documents, we are talking about the completion of factory tests before the end of 2019.

It should be clarified that the appearance of bottom-based missiles in Russian armaments will allow striking virtually any enemy, while the latter is unlikely to be able to hit targets at a depth of several hundred meters without knowing the exact location of the missiles.

Soyuzmultfilm is not so drawn

Well, what "more than two dozen"?
There we are talking about a pair of Vanguards on a rocket!

How do you know what they have? If the level of electronics, we are not more than a dozen. Have you ever thought that their ships launched 10 years ago and more convey information, and ours constantly disappear from communication.

Most recently, these human-like, in order of training, fired a missile across Hawaii, they knew when, where, where, and failed to shoot down. So there is technology, there is no result

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The collection of such shit was called the "period of repression"

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Sold the USSR, and sell the Russian Federation. No one will give the order to use ....

By the way, my friend Vladimir, do you not know that the Sarmat ICBM will be equipped with more than two dozen hypersonic Avngards? What 20 - 150 seconds are you talking about if the Sarmatians will be launched from the depths of our territory, and after a short period of time these more than two dozen hypersonic divided pigs will rush to amerikashkinu territory from near-cosmic space? As they say, catch it, Trump or whoever else is there, our smart, hypersonic and accurate
"Avangard"! I wish you success!

No, Vladimir, amerikashek high-quality missile defense! Hooting their missile defense with their "Patriots", shit it, in short! Their brains are weak enough to create military equipment, even if it comes close in characteristics to ours. Moreover, there is nothing like our hypersonic Avangard, Petrel and Zircons, which are generally not caught by anything. In 20 - 150 seconds, it is they who will turn the entire American missile defense system together with the territory and with the population, if they behave badly, into a lifeless desert. Glory to the Russian arms, henceforth, and ever, and forever and ever! Amen!

Only a few thousand dollars and a piece of shit will sell the location of our rockets. Now there are so many of them divorced, and most of them are visible, but there are sleeping poop.

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Woof, you don’t know that their missile defense wasn’t something to knock down, but even to detect a missile from Kim Jong Un couldn’t. And this is not comparable with what the RF has. for internal use. They believe that their F20 aircraft is the 150 generation, but their defense minister said that this is shit and even with Su 35 loses, and this is 5 ++. Fool is serious and for life!

Oh really ? I will be happy to read all the secret news about US missile defense.

They don't know. You're the one you're so smart.

If these bottom-based installations can be installed at the bottom by planning to anywhere in the ocean automatically ... say from the stratosphere or some other unobtrusive way ...

Well, no enemies of such technology! And not only all our military, but also inquisitive readers, who follow the theme of the confrontation between the ICBM and the missile defense system, know this ...

Opanki! About how many wonderful discoveries are being prepared by our Oboronprom! Vasya, my friend! Well, don't you really know that Poseidon (2М39 complex - Skif OCD) is an unmanned underwater vehicle, in fact, a mini submarine armed with a 2 megaton nuclear charge (or maybe more, it’s possible). This unit is placed in the submarine. By the way, the first carrier of the uninhabited Poseidon underwater vehicles - the nuclear submarine of the 09852 Belgorod project - should be launched in Severodvinsk on April 23 of this year. Let's hope that the deadlines will be sustained, but for some, all the cartoons and cartoons, you know. And that “Skiff”, about K-rum, here we are talking about - a ballistic deep-sea bottom-launched rocket with a launcher, is located outside the submarine under the water column at the bottom. In the development and the one and the other "Skiff" involved KB "Rubin" and Miassky State Center named after Makeev. But the products are different in principle of action.

Kuz'kina's mother was developed in 100 by megaton under Khrushchev. What is there to wonder if 50 years have passed

US missile defense systems will shoot down all ICBMs in 20-150 seconds. The enemies have such technology! Do our military do not know?

Great! I think the news about new weapons should be a regular feature in the news. In moderation, of course, one should not allow inflation.

And I, not knowing about such a weapon, pour on the Internet proposals for its manufacture. Hmm ...


PASEDON in 100 Megaton + Paseidon 2-300 Megaton = and NO USA

Vasya, you are talking nonsense, and the bottom-based rocket is a modified ICBM of a sea-based submarine launch on solid fuel, long-term storage, standing on the seabed in a special lowered platform. Nothing will save today from such installations, except for the most powerful underwater nuclear explosion, the tsunami from which will wash the United States.

What nonsense you always carry! Skiff is the well-known Poseidon, you make the news of their nothing!