Rocket of the Stormy Petrel


Russia has decided to abandon the "superweapon" - missiles with the nuclear engine "Petrel" and torpedoes of the nuclear apocalypse "Poseidon"

In Russia, they refused to create a nuclear apocalypse weapon.

Despite Russia's major breakthrough in the development of a “superweapon” capable of wiping not only cities, but also entire countries from the face of the planet, it became known that the torpedo of the nuclear apocalypse “Poseidon”, also known as “Status-6”, and a cruise missile with a nuclear engine "Petrel", capable of being in flight for an unlimited time, will not appear in service with Russia. The reason for this was one of the conditions set - the conclusion of a new strategic offensive arms treaty.

According to the former head of the 4 Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major General Vladimir Dvorkin, the reason for this is the fact that such a "superweapon" simply will not be included in the framework of the new START treaty. Nevertheless, if for some reason the United States refuses to conclude a treaty, Russia can easily implement the development of the latest weapons and send it to the troops within 3-5 years.

“If we allow the strike with just one Status-6 nuclear torpedo, if successful, it can easily destroy one of the US coasts, and, obviously, Washington will have to agree to conclude a new treaty. A number of failures with the Russian Burevestnik missile apparently means that the US should not be afraid of these weapons, however, with the proper approach, such missiles can be improved by lowering their characteristics, but at the same time getting stable operation. ”, - said the analyst

It should be clarified that the United States has not yet commented on the conclusion of a new strategic offensive arms treaty, however, Russia's unique technologies definitely put pressure on Washington.

the author, I probably missed something, but did all of Russia lift fighter planes into the air? for some reason, my friends and neighbors did not take part in this either. That is, the money for fuel for fighters was also lost somewhere, and now we must flee to the whole country to Syria to help our pilots? And where, by the way, is this Syria and why the hell do I need it?

We have mastered the money ...

effective will be when an infinite number of meteorites of enormous size fly to the earth. All this will last 24 / 7, that is, every second. Khan to your planet, you are insignificant! You have not achieved anything in your life, you only play war))) Surrender to the Russians better or die)

Lied, as always!

Yes, it was initially clear as soon as Putin pushed the river. Both of these things are old, conceived for a long time, but it is simply impossible to realize them, it was clear to the goat. When implemented, such problems arise that weapons are more likely to kill the author himself. The same bluff, like Reagan star wars.

This means that petrels and Poseidon are not effective weapons. It would be effective our warriors would never give up such a club for the enemy. This was known 60 years ago!

Everything is correct, everything will be so. Only one thing but. The START treaty is not even condemned. So only speculations like, but let’s include China there who said: Now we’ll drop everything and we’ll disarm.

Was there a boy?

The animal world understands power. Unlike people who are able to negotiate, express sympathy and help.

If this article is true, then for the security of the Russian Federation, everything is very sad.

So the fact of the matter is that Russia does not have these 3-5 years, only Sir Putin thinks that he will live forever.