Russia entered the TOP 30 countries with the worst situation due to coronavirus

Russia entered the top 30 most contagious countries with COVID-19.

The active growth in the number of infected in Russia has led the country to become one of the 30 countries on the planet, with the most dangerous situation for the spread of coronavirus infection, taking 27th place.

According to information representative of specialists at Johns Hopkins University, Russia is inferior, to date, in the spread of coronavirus infection to countries such as the USA, Italy, Spain, South Korea, etc., while the greatest concern is the fact that every day new detected cases of the disease are increasing, and mortality is increasing along with this - according to the latest data, this indicator has already reached 17 people.

Based on statistical data, specialists conducted a computer simulation of the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in Russia, and given the current rate of spread of COVID-19, over the next 7 days, the number of infected people can reach 7 thousand people.

“The model describes the current situation with the spread of coronavirus in Russia since the first case was detected. Based on daily data, the prognosis may also change, however, current trends indicate the fact that the number of patients may increase three times in a week, which, incidentally, may be hindered by special measures introduced in most Russian regions. ”, - the expert marks.

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