Ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy


Russia has blocked American warships off the coast of Crimea

Russia stopped the provocations of American warships off the coast of Crimea.

A group of two American warships that appeared in the Black Sea was blocked off the coast of Crimea by the Russian military. According to information available to the editors of the news agency, the Russian military has established exclusion zones along the Crimean coast where Russian warships are stationed. An attempt to invade these waters will be immediately stopped by the opening of fire, which is a warning to the command of the US Navy about the inadmissibility of any provocations.

In the presented image, you can see the location of the closed zones - their location completely blocks access to the peninsula and part of the southern coast of Russia.

It is noteworthy that the blocking of approaches to Crimea is due to the emergence of information that the United States intends to visually violate the waters off the coast of Crimea to demonstrate its readiness to support Ukraine.

At the moment, it is known that the two American warships that arrived in the Black Sea are in the territorial waters of Ukraine, however, a number of questions were raised by their real purpose of appearing in the region, since the United States does not disclose this information.

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Otherwise, it is not clear what, the shafts will be turned and will float back. And if they try to violate the border of the zone, they will be stopped. And how they will be stopped is not important.

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And in Russia there are two cool underwater saboteurs. Guess who? Of course, Petrov and Boshirov.

Never, remember, never was Crimea Ukrainian. Learn the history of the world it will be useful.

You are shaking. And we are quite calm. Read the Russian history of Crimea

Nobody stole Crimea! People have joined Russia themselves! Personally, I have many friends in Crimea, and everyone is just happy about it!

Glory to Russia and the best president of the world!

The depth in the Black Sea allows even an aircraft carrier to lie on the bottom and not interfere with ships passing over these vessels, so we are waiting, since when they will lie on the bottom !!!

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For Crimea, so much Russian blood has been shed that the Russian (Black) Sea should be Crimson, and your claims are lacking in mere trifles: Legal registration of the transfer of 1954 according to the laws of the USSR, Two hundred years of wars and a sea of ​​blood.

Nobody stole Crimea. Russia, on the contrary, returned the stolen goods.

Nobody stole Crimea.
But the zones are quite interestingly drawn in this picture: D
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Crimea is a Russian land and should be an impregnable fortress. The enemy should be afraid of it, and not flattery of the flow of water.

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The Americans seem to have completely beguiled the shores .. either they are trying to squeeze the Iranian tanker, then they are trying to carry out a provocation in the Black Sea ..

Everyone knows very well that even without the ships, Russia covers the entire Black Sea and adjacent territories. Nobody can leave the Black Sea alive even by land.

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Russia has blocked access to the Crimean coast for American ships, rather than blocking American ships. These are two different things.

Why block ??? Let them come back, then they will not come out dry.

how the blockage of American ships will end